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Real Estate: Title Insurance (A Brief Introduction)

Posted by Jonathan Gasso | May 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

A real estate closing has many moving parts, Title being one. At Gasso Law we can fulfill title search requirements which includes the review and evaluation of recorded documents to create a chain of title. A chain of title is a record of successive conveyances or other forms of alienation, affecting a particular property, arranged consecutively from the government to original source of title down to the present holder. The purpose of a Title Examination is to determine what must be done to insure title and render title free of objectionable title defects.

Some Encumbrances and Adverse Matters could include: Mortgages, Judgments, Construction liens, Code Enforcement lines, Defective Court proceedings, Competing ownership of claims, and Child Support Orders. If any encumbrances are found we inform you and discuss your options.

At Gasso Law, we also provide Title Insurance. Title Insurance covers past hazards not yet discovered including breaks and defects in chain of title, forgery, fraud, undue influence, duress, as well as defective judicial or administrative proceedings.

Our experience gives us the skill necessary to manage the risks and responsibilities that come with a real estate transaction. Make sure to watch our videos on real estate and tell us what you think.

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